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Nutrition and diet in menopause

Hollins Martin, C.J., Watson, R.R., Preedy, V.R. (Eds.). (2013) Nutrition and diet in menopause. Humana Press, London (UK).
Published: 20th June 2013 by Humana Press - 469 pages

Nutrition and Diet in Menopause is a single comprehensive source that will provide readers with an understanding of menopause. Holistic in its approach, this volume is divided into five sections covering psychological, endocrine and lifestyle factors, metabolism and physiology, bone and nutrition, cancer and nutrition, cardiovascular factors and dietary supplements in menopause. In-depth chapters review the potential long term consequences of menopause on the overall health of women, not only at the physical level including hot flushes (flashes), alterations to the genitourinary system, skin changes, decreased cardiovascular functions, hypertension, headache, back pain, and constipation. Written by international leaders and trendsetters, Nutrition and Diet in Menopause is essential reading for endocrinologists, cardiologists, nutritionists and all health care professionals who are interested in women’s health. 
 About my co-editors:

Professor Ron Watson, PhD works in the Department of Health Promotion Sciences, at the University of Arizona's Mel and Enid Zuckerman College of Public Health. He has edited 88 biomedical books, particularly in nutrition and food sciences. He published 450 papers, and presently directs several NIH funded biomedical grants relating to bioactive disease particularly immune function and cardiovascular effects including studying complementary and alternative medicines. Professor Ronald Ross Watson was Director of a National Institutes of Health funded Alcohol Research Center for 5 years. The main goal of the Center was to understand the role of ethanol-induced immunosuppression on immune function and disease resistance in animals. He is an internationally recognized alcohol-researcher, nutritionist and immunologist. He also initiated and directed other NIH-associated work at The University of Arizona, College of Medicine. Dr. Watson has funding from companies and non-profit foundations to study bioactive foods' components in health promotion. Professor Watson attended the University of Idaho, but graduated from Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah, with a degree in Chemistry in 1966. He completed his Ph.D. degree in 1971 in Biochemistry from Michigan State University. His postdoctoral schooling was completed at the Harvard School of Public Health in Nutrition and Microbiology, including a two-year postdoctoral research experience in immunology. Professor Watson is a distinguished member of several national and international nutrition, immunology, and cancer societies. He has been doing studies of dietary supplements in treatment of diabetes and related cardiovascular disease including heart failure.

Professor Victor R. Preedy BSc, PhD, DSc, FSB, FRCPath, FRSPH, FRSC is a senior member of King's College London (Professor of Nutritional Biochemistry) and King's College Hospital (Professor of Clinical Biochemistry).  He is attached to both the Diabetes and Nutritional Sciences Division and the Department of Nutrition and Dietetics.  He is also Director of the Genomics Centre and a member of the School of Medicine.  Professor Preedy graduated in 1974 with an Honours Degree in Biology and Physiology with Pharmacology.  He gained his University of London PhD in 1981.  In 1992, he received his Membership of the Royal College of Pathologists and in 1993 he gained his second doctoral degree, for his outstanding contribution to protein metabolism in health and disease. Professor Preedy was elected as a Fellow to the Institute of Biology in 1995 and to the Royal College of Pathologists in 2000.  Since then he has been elected as a Fellow to the Royal Society for the Promotion of Health (2004) and The Royal Institute of Public Health (2004).  In 2009, Professor Preedy became a Fellow of the Royal Society for Public Health and in 2012 a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry.  In his career Professor Preedy has carried out research at the National Heart Hospital (part of Imperial College London) and the MRC Centre at Northwick Park Hospital. He has collaborated with research groups in Finland, Japan, Australia, USA and Germany.  He is a leading expert on the science of health.  He has lectured nationally and internationally.  To his credit, Professor Preedy has published over 570 articles, which includes 165 peer-reviewed manuscripts based on original research, 100 reviews and over 50 books and volumes.   

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